Gail Antoinette Rossetti


Gail is the Founder of her Real Estate Agency and she has been a Realtor since 1993. She has developed Strategic Plans that have Sold properties and Estates throughout the Peninsula.

Her love for real estate started when she was a young child. Her Mother had her own Agency and often would take Gail on appointments and would teach her about the ins and outs of selling real estate. Her Mother said she didn't need to teach her how to sell or negotiate because Gail was a born Salesperson! Gail at the age of 5 had the gift of language and would often say the word "Contingency" to get a laugh out of every one.

As Gail develops her ongoing innovative Real Estate Agency, she has created a "Community" where her agents enjoy the atmosphere of sharing "Best Practices" which is missing in the industry. They actually work together and inspire one another to reach Higher Standards in serving their clients and devoting their Passion to another level as well! They have a mantra that they believe in and say, "Work Harder On Yourself than You Do On Your Business". As a Team, they are always creating new ways to provide value to the customer.

Gail is happily married to the love of her life, John Rossetti. They have 5 children, 13 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren! She loves spending time with them and singing, dancing, playing games and traveling to different and exotic countries. Gail has been a Belmont Rotarian since 1993 and spends time in fundraising for the community and devoting endless hours to help the less fortunate. Her love for golf and enjoying her friends is paramount in her lifestyle. Ask Gail how she is and she will always say "Fantastic".