What Clients Say


"I interviewed several Realtors and I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because I was impressed by her 7 Point Strategic Listing Plan and her Team of workers to prepare the home for sale. It is a probate sale and I needed Gail who is a certified probate expert to handle all that is involved in selling the home. It was so amazing that Gail and Angela, her assistant, responded very quickly and explained everything thoroughly. The workers did a spectacular job. Gail sold the home for $130,000 over the asking price. I think in a shifting market that is great!"

Jane Hu | Sunnyvale, CA

"Gail and her team at Rossetti Realty were great to work with. She was knowledgeable about the market and kept me informed throughout the process. Flavio and his crew did amazing work on the property before we put it on the market. We sold our home and we're happy with the outcome."

Mark and Robert La Salle | San Francisco, CA

"Gail, with Rossetti Realty and her team were helpful during the home sale process. Flavio and his crew did amazing work on the property before placing it up for sale. Gail and her team were able to sell the home above the list price. I greatly appreciate her help."

Mike Ainsworth | San Jose, CA

"We chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because she's a probate expert and has a team of professionals that could help us prepare the property for sale. It was a process of making everything happen and Gail was always there for us. Their team made the property shine! The property sold in less than 10 days for over asking price. Thanks!"

Barbara Fox | San Mateo, CA

"I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because she mailed me comprehensive information about the probate process which included a timeline and other important information. Her team was very efficient in painting and all around preparing the property for sale. We put the property on the market a week ahead of time and was able to receive the price I wanted before the market shifted. I trusted Gail 100%! I will refer Gail to all my family and friends."

Sherman Eaton | Mountain View, CA

"We chose Gail with Rossetti Realty to sell our mother's home for several reasons. First, she was informative about the process as she is a Certified Probate Expert for many years. She educated us on the process and answered all the questions we had. Second, her team of painters and handymen were available to do all the work we needed to do to receive the highest possible price. Her team would wait to receive their money from their work once the home was sold! Third, Gail has a 7 Point Strategic Plan that she follows and it really works. We sold the home in less than 10 days for $600,925 Over Asking Price! We are so happy. We will refer her to Family and Friends"

Celma De Luna | San Francisco, CA

"We met with another agent before we met with Gail from Rossetti Realty. We chose Gail for 2 reasons. One she mailed us great information about preparing our property for sale and two because her listing presentation the 7 Point Strategic Plan was superior compared to the other agent. We walked through the home and she made suggestions on the most important things to do to prepare the home for sale. We hired her Team do all the important things, painting, flooring, cleaning, etc. Gail was always available for us. When the home went on the market it sold in less than 8 days. We received over the asking price! We are delighted and will refer her to Family and Friends."

Frances and Candace | Menlo Park, CA

"As the Executor of my sister’s estate, it was my duty to sell her house. Before deciding on a realtor, I spoke with a number of realtors. Most seemed too anxious to get the listing. I chose Gail due to her experience, location and strategy. Gail understood how important it is for the family to remove personal effects on their own timetable. Once she got the sign to proceed, Gail engaged a great crew that renovated quickly. Gail sold the house for $205,000 over asking. The process was quite successful and I would strongly recommend Gail Rossetti."

Jeanette Bemis | Redwood City, CA

"I had to sell my deceased mother's home so I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because she is a certified probate expert and had a 7 Point Strategic Plan to sell the property. I live in Placerville and there were many obstacles in my life at the time and Gail was able to help me maneuver them. She had her team paint, put in flooring, and fix the areas needed without me coming down to manage it. They cleaned everything including the windows. She also removed stuff that I was not able to pick up. I am very happy with all that she and her team accomplished. Gail SOLD the property for $300,000 over asking! Thank you! "

Leslie Jantzen | Campbell, CA

"We have a ton of Gail’s magnets on our Fridge. While we were living in Menlo Park, our paths cross with Gail many times and upon our move out of state, Gail stayed in touch offering regular market updates, while checking in to see if she could provide assistance with our rental property. When we made the decision to sell, Gail was top of mind. Her tenacity and thoroughness throughout the listing and sales process was incredible. Gail was focused and professional from start to finish - assisting with an easy transition for our tenant, coordinating preparation for sale: painting, refinishing hardwood floors, landscaping, staging, etc. Her attention to detail provided us with a sense of comfort and ease – making it easy to fully complete the transaction from a distance. The sale of our house was completed in less than 10 days and for over $200,000 over asking. We are happy to refer Gail to our family, friends, and former colleagues. It’s easy to say that Gail more than earned her commission as she was our partner and the reason for our success. "

Raymond and Nicole Neal | Menlo Park, CA

"Gail is the Broker of her company and Certified Probate Expert. She has a 7 Point Strategic Listing Plan that was followed throughout the process. This was a probate sale and there was a lot of work to get the house ready. Her team made the house shine! The difference between before and after was simply amazing. She is an outstanding communicator and I knew what was happening all the time. I received $200,100 over asking. I am so happy with her performance, I will refer her to my family and friends."

Lisa Lee | San Bruno, CA

"Gail with Rossetti Realty has been renting both our beautiful homes for the last 10 years. We have found her and her staff to be consummate professionals. We chose her to sell our homes this year. She assisted in negotiating with the tenant and the move. She assisted in preparing the homes for sale which was no easy task. She coordinated and supervised throughout the process. She communicated with us every step of the way. We sold our homes and are very happy! We will refer her to family and friends."

Tom and Deborah Yob | Menlo Park, CA

"Pauline and I want to thank you for the successful sale of our home and move this last April. We appreciate very much the extra effort you and your staff did to keep things on track with the many unexpected challenges that came our way which I expect come with most home sales. Since we left before the house went on the market and the movers had not yet removed our belongings you had to do extra work to get the house ready to put on the market. It was very obvious that your experience and knowledge of the real estate business played a big part in making the move as least stressful as possible. You managed very well the extra work caused by the corona virus restrictions. Thanks again for your competence and thoughtfulness throughout the move and selling our home. You made it a win for all of us!"

Don and Pauline Gielow | Redwood CIty, CA

"I have known Gail Rossetti of Rossetti Realty for several years so when I decided to move out-of-state I immediately contacted Gail to discuss selling my condo. She was everything that I could ask for. Gail provided a Comparative Market Analysis as well as her 7 Point Strategic Plan. This plan gives a clear and concise description of the necessary steps required for a successful outcome. Gail and her team were always available to advise me. She is very knowledgeable of the current market. Gail provided assistance to get the property ready for showing and always kept me informed. My condo sold in less than 3 weeks thanks to Gail's guidance. She is trustworthy, kind and professional. I am grateful for all her hard work and guidance during the whole process. I will definitely give recommendations for Rossetti Realty to friends."

Pat Piper | Redwood CIty, CA

"I had my beautiful home listed with two other companies and agents. I received in the mail a beautiful magazine about the 7 Step Plan To Selling Your home. It was comprehensive and made sense. When I met Gail with Rossetti Realty, I knew she was the one to sell it. She was enthusiastic, confident and professional. Even though we had several offers during Covid 19, we finally received an offer that I accepted. I am so happy with Gail and her Plan that I will refer her to all my Family and Friends."

Sunthary Sarai | Millbrae, CA

"Gail Rossetti is unique among Real Estate agents and brokers. I am the trustee of an estate. It was important that the property got the best price possible. Gail is persistent and trustworthy. She had open house every week-end. Her method of keeping track of visitors and following up on them, eventually brought an offer that was just right for all concerned. Gail’s 7 Point Strategic Plan works beautifully. I am grateful for all the small and big points she carried out resulting in a great ending."

Evelyn Forrest | Palo Alto, CA

"I had the property listed with another agent and real estate company and it didn't sell. I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because she was so confident that she could sell it using their 7 Point Strategic Listing Plan. Gail did sell it and I am happy to have the property Sold. Thanks Gail!"

Slim Lu | Palo Alto, CA

"I met Gail with Rossetti Realty several months before I was to sell my mother's home. We discussed how her 7 Point Strategic plan would sell her home for the most amount of money. Gail said "Let's list it a little below market." We agreed upon the price and did some work to prepare the home for sale. It's amazing all the activity from buyer agents and buyers. They had hundreds of people at the open house and over 75 private showings. We took offers after 2 weeks of open houses. It SOLD for $376,000 Over Asking Price and there were over 40 offers. Thank you Gail for all your hard work and professionalism. I will refer her to my Family and Friends."

Maria Aguilar | San Jose, CA

"I am a court appointed administrator for an Estate and wanted someone I could trust to sell the property. I asked my lawyer and he referred Gail with Rossetti Realty. Gail is a probate expert. She knows the process and was always there for me. She said we could paint and do little things that would make a difference in getting an offer. As a result of Gail's recommendations and proactive strategy, we received an offer over asking price in 9 days! It was a smooth closing and I am happy!"

Michael Radovolsky | San Bruno, CA

"Gail, with Rossetti Realty, and I have been in contact for over 7 years. I knew I would sell my property in the future and Gail always followed up! I live in Massachusetts and it was important that I trusted the Realtor that sold my property that I owned for 45 years. Gail is very professional and explained the process every step of the way. I am happy about the communication with Gail and the price and terms I received. I will refer her to Family and Friends."

William Loubsky | Menlo Park, CA

"Gail with Rossetti Realty sold our property in Belmont a couple of years ago. She did a fantastic job and I really appreciated all the customer service that she did for our family. It was a natural segue to hire Gail Again to purchase a property in Belmont. We needed to be close to where our son is going to school and we found the perfect place with the perfect price and the perfect terms. As I told Gail, This is a Miracle! I promised Gail I would refer her to anyone I know who is thinking about buying or selling. She’s simply the best!"

Gidion Grivas | Belmont, CA

"We have just had the pleasure of working with Gail Rossetti, owner of Rossetti Realty in Menlo Park. We have known Gail socially for many years through Menlo Church. When we decided to sell our rental house in Menlo Park we asked Gail to be the listing agent. The first thing we had to do was get the house ready for sale. Gail was a real help here as she knew local contractors who could do quality work quickly. This included painting the interior and staging the house to look its best. We found Gail to be personable, dependable, trustworthy and totally professional as she guided us through the entire process. She has a plan for selling a house that is organized and lets you know what to expect all along the way. She was able to sell our home for more than $400,000 over our asking price. Gail was a joy to work with and we are looking forward to working with her again soon."

John and Sherry Rayner | Menlo Park, CA

"My house was originally put on the market in October 2018. For 90 days my house sat on the market, wrongly marketed and it was never represented properly. When I discovered this, I immediately took action and cancelled my listing with the Broker. A friend introduced me to Gail Rossetti. Gail didn’t mess around, She immediately relisted the house properly, connected to her client base and staged the house correctly, even discovered that the someone was trying to interfere with her hard work by posting false listings on Craigslist. She had that removed (btw shout out to all the people on Gail’s team-they all put their heads together to help out) and sure enough, less than 2 months my house is sold. Yes, the price is right. So, in this soft market and uncertain economy, Gail Rossetti and her team managed sold my house for a price I could never have approached in his wildest dreams. I’ll be buying in the near future, and Gail Rossetti will be my broker, because whether she works for the seller or the buyer, she and her team produce results in record time and minimal stress."

Lilia Kilmer | Sunnyvale, CA

"Gail with Rossetti Realty and I have been communicating for over a year regarding the property I am selling as a Trustee in Foster City. This was a challenging trust to manage and what I particularly appreciated about Gail was that she was not at all pushy. She periodically called to check in over the year prior to the property going up for sale, and at times offered thoughts on selling the property when the time came, but let me choose the best time to engage her. Because I live out of state, I needed on-site support and coordination to prepare the property for sale, and Gail was very helpful in this regard. She coordinated painting, junk removal, garbage removal and many other important services. She was available for me every step of the way. Her selling strategy also was excellent. She sold the property for $62,000 over asking in approximately two weeks in a market that was softening! I would definitely engage Gail again for my own property or when I sell another property on behalf of a trust. As a fiduciary, I most definitely appreciated her efforts. Thank you and I will refer you to family and friends."

Jon Buchwald | Foster City, CA

''I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because my property didn’t sell last year and she continued to mail me educational information regarding my property. When I was ready to place my property on the market I called Gail. She was the perfect broker for me to reach my goal of selling my property and in the terms that I wanted. During the journey we became good friends because of our understanding of what I wanted and how she was going accomplish that. Even though, we had the property on the market for many months, Gail was able to attract an offer that was 200,000 over asking price. She is my hero! Needless to say, I am thrilled. When Gail says she’ll go the extra mile to create raving fans, well, she created a raving fan out of me. I will refer her to my family and friends.''

Charla Benner | Woodside, CA

"I had my property listed with another company and Realtor. It was very stressful. I had it on the market for several months. I chose Gail Rossetti with Rossetti Realty because of the 7 point marketing system which would set me up for a successful sale of my property. I listened to what she said and together, we prepared the property for sale. She has World Class Marketing and excellent communication skills. My property SOLD in less than 2 weeks at $126,000 over asking price and close to 10% over asking. This is the smoothest transaction. Thanks!"

Robert Ransohoff | Redwood City, CA

"Over the last few months, I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know Gail Rossetti. She is an absolute pleasure with which to work and a commensurate professional! I was in a very challenging situation. My father had passed away, and I needed to sell his home. Complicating matters, I live in Washington state, while my father's home is in California. It was going to be very difficult for me to take time off of work and get the house prepped to sell. Instead, Gail really stepped up and helped me out. Not only did she make the arrangements for people to clean my dad's place, and do the minor repairs to get it ready for sale, she did an amazing job marketing and showcasing his home. The results? Neighbors told me that literally hundreds of people attended the open house events. We got multiple top dollar offers, and for more money than I expected. She even made the whole process of dealing with all of the cumbersome paperwork very easy.  Gail knows the real estate market inside and out, and her strategies work! If you are thinking of selling your home, or you are a prospective buyer, do yourself a favor and contact Gail Rossetti."

Dave Ivie | San Mateo, CA

"We worked with Gail with Rossetti Realty for close to a year preparing our Mother's home for sale. We were very impressed that she was available for both of us when need be. When we had 9 offers, we were very happy. We received more than we thought we would. Gail sold our home for $70,000 over asking price. Thanks so much!"

Danny Brown and Jo Ann Griffin | Palo Alto, CA

“We were more than happy with Gail and Rossetti Realty Group in selling our home. It was a great experience and it went very smoothly. She sold our home for 150000 over asking price. We will refer all our friends and family to her.”

Raj and Kiran Lal | San Mateo, CA

“Gail with Rossetti Realty Group were excellent in communication and selling the home at the price I wanted. It was easy to work with them and I will be happy to refer them to my family and friends.”

Tim La Freniere | Sunnyvale, CA


“I chose to list my home with Gail and Rossetti Realty Group because they guaranteed my home would be sold Fast and For Top Dollar. I was amazed that I received over 35 offers and my house sold in 7 days for $106,000 over asking price.”

Walter Jones | Sunnyvale, CA


“I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty Group because of her continual follow up with me. When I was ready to purchase I felt she and her group would provide my family and I with the best negotiations and service. Gail and her team were always responsive. Her Listing Closing Coordinator Alisha in particular appeared to be on top of everything. There were 3 offers on the home we wanted and the sellers chose ours. The home appraised at $15,000 over what we paid for it. Thank you Gail and Rossetti Realty Group.”

Sam Shafi | Pleasanton, CA


“We listed our home with another agent and it did not sell. It was very painful for us. We wanted to hire someone we knew would sell it. We were so impressed that we would have our home listed by the Broker and President of the Company. We knew Gail and Rossetti Realty Team with their Guaranteed Sales Program would sell our home! In our area most of the homes are selling for less than asking price. With Gail’s excellent negotiation skills and dedication to us, our Home SOLD For ASKING PRICE!”

Bill and Linda Wade | Portola Valley, CA

“I wanted to sell my home but I was concerned because there were 2 homes for sale similar to mine that have been on the market and haven’t sold. I chose Gail Rossetti with Rossetti Realty Team. 90% of the listings Gail sells, are sold at or over asking price and within 15 days. Plus, with their Guaranteed Sales Program, it would sell. She SOLD my home in 14 days for $16,000 Over Asking Price!”

Judy White | Redwood City, CA

“As a builder it is very important that we receive top dollar. Often, I spend more money completing the home than I originally thought I would. Such was the case with this new home in West Menlo Park. Gail and Rossetti Realty Group sold the home for $300,000 over asking price! She provided excellent customer service as well.”

John Suppes, Clarum Homes | Palo Alto, CA

“Gail and Rossetti Realty Group did an exceptional job in communicating with us and getting us top dollar for our home. It was not an easy process, as Gail had to work through with the Title company issues on the trust of my brother’s estate. After 3 weeks of a tedious process of discovery, we were able to sell the home. Thanks Gail and Rossetti Realty Group!”

James Bogachoff | San Mateo, CA

“I'm a Realtor in San Francisco and Marin, and when my clients have a real estate need in other areas I make certain I refer them to a Realtor who would provide the same high level of dedication and service as I would. When clients are looking to make a move to the Peninsula and Silicon Valley area, I know Gail Rossetti and her team will take great care of my clients and go to battle for them and their best interest. I recently referred Gail a buyer and she found them a home within one week, helping them to "win" the property in a highly competitive, multiple offer environment!”

Shannon L. Hughes

“We chose Gail of Rossetti Realty because of her dedication and professionalism. She gave us professional advice that allowed us to sell the home Fast and For Top Dollar. Gail SOLD our Home for $530,000 Over Asking Price! It Sold for $1,930,000. We are thrilled!”

Matthew Judnich and Patricia Stanford | Menlo Park, CA

“I chose to list my home with Gail and Rossetti Realty Team because Gail guaranteed my home would be sold Fast and for Top Dollar. Gail did just that my house was sold in 7 days for over asking price.”

William Nicolet | Redwood City, CA


“Gail with Rossetti Realty Group sold our home in less than 9 days for $100,000 over asking price! From beginning to end of the sale process, they provided us with excellent service. Gail negotiated the best price and terms for our situation. I am happy to refer them to all my family and friends.”

Harry Sheldon | Belmont, CA


“I had listed my home with another agent and it did not sell. I chose Gail and Rossetti Realty Group to sell my home because of the professional advice that she gave me on selling my home Fast and for Top Dollar. And, of course, because of her aggressive Guaranteed Sales Program.”

Marcia Saint | Palo Alto, CA


“We chose Gail with Rossetti Realty Group to sell our home because of her knowledge of the area and her aggressive and consistent marketing program. She sold our home for Top Dollar. Thanks Gail!”

Gonzalo and Lilia Lopez | Redwood City, CA


“We chose Gail with Rossetti Realty Group to sell our home because of her knowledge of the area and her aggressive and consistent marketing program. She sold our home for Top Dollar. Thanks Gail!”

Bill Kutzer | San Carlos, CA

“We wanted to list our home above market price. Gail suggested a little below market to increase the demand and receive multiple offers. She said 90% of activity comes from pricing. We listed it at our price. There were no offers and a couple of showings in 3 weeks. Gail spoke with us again and we listed it at what she suggested. We had 3 offers and our home SOLD for $90,000 Over Asking Price!”

Walt Wells and Linda Morely-Wells | San Carlos, CA

“We had spoken to another Agent who said she would bring in an offer with an investor for the price I wanted. It never materialized. We chose Gail Rossetti with Rossetti Realty Team with the Guarantee Sales Program so, if a buyer needed to sell their home to buy ours, she would buy their home. They will be able to place an offer without worrying about their home selling. Gail Sold our Home in 7 days for $104,000 over Asking Price!”

Donald and Gloria Bill | Menlo Park, CA

“When you have spent 27 years in one home, you want the most money you can receive, and you must choose the right Agent. We listed our home with Gail Rossetti and Rossetti Realty Team. Gail referred us to painters, cleaning people, and movers. They communicated with us every step of the way. They educated us and were there when we needed them. We were amazed that Gail SOLD our home in 10 days for $124,000 Over Asking Price!”

Stephen & Kathe Haake | Foster City, CA

“I chose Gail and her Team of professionals because I was moving to Santa Barbara and would need someone who could do everything. I wanted to move close to my Son and my Grandchild. They had it painted, cleaned, landscaped and inspections completed. They communicated with me every step of the way. I know one person could not do all of what they did. It takes a Team to do it. I never had a thing except sign papers! Gail SOLD my home for a 100% of the Asking Price!”

Patricia Gregory | San Mateo, CA

“We had our home listed for over a year with another agent. We are former owners of the residence at 3 Alverno Court and were faced with the difficult decision a few years ago of selecting a real estate broker to list our home after moving to the Washington DC area for business reasons. Our concerns were focused on how well this process could be accomplished with our being on the East Coast and with only infrequent opportunity to return to California. We were most fortunate to be introduced to Gail Rossetti. Not only was the sale of our residence completed in a very timely way for a selling price satisfying to us but Gail also kept us informed almost daily of all activities. We could not have been better informed had we only moved down the block. As you consider a similar decision, we would strongly recommend your consideration of Gail Rossetti. We are confident that selecting her as your listing agent would leave you quite satisfied with the result.”

Bob and Gail Aldrich

“We tried to sell my home on my own for over 4 months with no prospects. I spoke with over 10 Real Estate Companies who promised to bring buyers but none of them ever did. They just wanted the listing. When we met Gail Rossetti with Rossetti Realty Team she told me about their Guaranteed Sales Program. I thought it was another broken promise…And, she actually brought buyers to our home. Our Home SOLD in less than 13 days!”

Frank and Donna Dudinski

”We had listed our home and it did not sell. For the next 6 months, we received mailings every week from Gail Rossetti until we felt like we knew her. When we decided to sell again, we interviewed several Agents. We listed our home with Gail and Rossetti Realty Team because of her aggressive and consistent marketing program. We had not known any Company or Agent that would guarantee the sale of my home and the buyers. Gail sold our home in less than 18 days for $25,000 Over Asking Price!”

Kevin and Anna Wu | Palo Alto, CA

“We had our home listed for over 6 months. We reduced the price. It still did not sell. We needed as much money as we could get, because we were going into a retirement home. We interviewed many agents but decided on Gail Rossetti and Rossetti Realty Team with Guaranteed Sales Program. We received an offer we could accept. We laugh about it now, but we told Gail if she sold our home she would be part of our family. You know what, with all the time we spent with her, we really regard her as close as someone in our family.”

Bill and Nancy Jennings | Emerald Hills, CA

“We inherited our home. Because we lived out of the area, we had to find an agent we could trust. We interviewed another agent, but after meeting Gail, we knew with her experience, her Team and the Guaranteed Sales program, she’d sell our home for Top Dollar. They communicated throughout the process and did things for us we couldn’t do. We are very happy. She SOLD our home in 10 Days for $152,000 Over Asking price!”

Mike and Marcie Krusinski

“I had not sold a Home in over 28 years, and I wanted someone I could trust, who would be available for me and who would receive the most money for my home. And, I had 28 years of stuff I needed to get rid of. With Gail and Rossetti Realty Team’s assistance, I knew I could do it. I was absolutely happy about the process. Gail SOLD my Home in 10 Days for $11,000 Over Asking Price!”

Bob Andeini | Belmont, CA


“We are out of state owners who were contemplating selling our home in Menlo Park. Gail with Rossetti Realty Group continually stayed in contact with us over the last 5 years and kept us informed regarding the market conditions. Because of her expertise and trustworthiness we chose Gail to sell our home. Our home sold in 1 day for over asking price.”

Art and Cheryl Smith| Menlo Park, CA


“Gail and Rossetti Realty Group were excellent with communicating throughout the process of selling our home. Gail negotiated the best price and terms for all of us. To say that Gail went the extra mile is an understatement. We will refer Gail and Rossetti Realty Group to all our family and friends.”

Ronald and Evalou Helgesson| Los Altos Hills, CA


“We chose Gail with Rossetti Realty Group to sell our home because of her extensive knowledge of the area and her aggressive marketing program. She sold our home in less than 19 days and for Top Dollar. Thanks Gail!”

Stuart and Lily Yang | Menlo Park, CA


“Choosing a Realtor was a very important decision for us. We interviewed several agents and chose Gail with Rossetti Realty Group. Our home had multiple offers and sold over asking price in less than 19 days. Thanks Gail.”

 Bill and Joan Tankersley | Redwood City, CA


“Gail with Rossetti Realty Team did an awesome job selling our home. We needed some assistance with repairs and she recommended the best people. She was available at all times for us. She sold our home For $303,000 Over Asking Price in Less Than 2 weeks. Thanks, Gail!”

Matt Powers and Jane McIntyre | Redwood City, CA

"Gail is a wonderful real estate agent. She goes out of the way for her clients and provides excellent advice on everything real estate. Gail is professional and is up to date with the latest trends that work in our very competitive market. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a real estate agent."

Walter and Susan Jones | San Jose, CA

"I had my property listed last year and it didn't sell. I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because I believed she could sell my property for Top Dollar. Gail did just that. She sold the property for $1,350,000 at $100,000 over asking price in less than 2 weeks. Thank you."

Carol Bishop | Redwood City, CA

"I have had Gail as my Realtor for over 10 years. I live in Oregon. When she listed and sold my property, she took control of everything. She is very thorough and detailed in her marketing. She had to work with the tenants and was successful in managing open houses and appointments to view the property. The property sold for $155,000 over asking price. Thanks."

Alema McCrea| San Mateo, CA


"We had our property listed last year with another agent and company. We cancelled the listing because we were not happy with the agent's performance. We called Gail with Rossetti Realty for a listing appointment because she had mailed us educational material for over a year. We met with her and from the beginning, we noticed how outstanding her 7-point strategic plan to list our property was above and beyond what we had before. She was diligent, communication was superior and she was wonderful to work with. She sold our property for $75,000 over asking and $60,000 over asking on the last property that sold on our street. Thanks for everything."

Gidion Grivas and Francy Zate | Belmont


"My Brother passed away and it was hard to handle that and the probate process. I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because she was a certified probate expert and she had knowledge of the area. She was thorough and always available to communicate with. That was important to me. I was selling my deceased brother's home and I needed that extra customer service. She was able to help prepare the home for sale and do the extra things necessary. She sold the home in less than 14 days for $368,000 over asking price. Thanks!"

Abdelaziz Aineb | Burlingame, CA

"From the moment we met, I could see that Gail Rossetti and her staff were seasoned professionals. During our selling process, Gail always treated my husband and I with the utmost integrity, dedication and professionalism. She went above and beyond to keep the process going and when hit with unexpected bumps, she was always reassuring and kept me calm. Conscientious, knowledgeable, reliable, and tenacious are just a few words that describe Gail. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She is always one step ahead and is always working in her mind even when she isn’t working. After all the paperwork and waiting for escrow to close, I am now left feeling: “Fantastic! Couldn’t be better”! Thank you Rossetti Realty for making the miracle happen. We made a great team."

Renee Goumas | Palo Alto, CA


"I met Gail Rossetti at a social event and got to chatting. I let her knowthat I was casually interested in getting an investment property inPacifica, and had been for years. Although she is more keenly focused in the Palo Alto area and all that stretches from the Silicon Valley through Redwood City (from what I've seen in the homes she's representing), she made it her business to inform herself and me about the Pacifica market. I had met several realtors in Pacifica at open houses I'd found on my own, but none made any effort to keep me informed past the current open house or perhaps one more that might have come on the market shortly thereafter. Gail, on the other hand, set up a system whereby every property that went on the market there over the course of perhaps 8 months was immediately brought to my attention. It felt like it went from a drought to the rainy season! She showed up on a moment’s notice to show me properties on many occasions. She never made me feel as though I was wasting her time even though it wasn't an urgent, or even a certain search.

I was so impressed by Gail and her team. She is exceptionally knowledgeable about real estate, and is a broker as well as an agent. The difference between her and other agents with so much less depth and expertise is immediately apparent. Her assistant Flo was also exceptionally responsive. They gathered all the necessary info on any property that peaked our interest, including disclosure packets and interviewing owners about the properties and neighborhoods. I was taken with their wonderful balance of keeping attentive to our interests month after month, showing up on a moment’s notice anytime I saw something of interest, sparing no effort to obtain all the info I sought on a given property, and yet, all the while, they were gracious, generous, and never made me feel remotely pressured. We came to rely upon her expertise in many ways, beyond our pursuits in Pacifica. She is the first person we will call with any further Real Estate needs. I'm so grateful I ran into her!"

Mike and Laura Nibbi | Pacifica, CA 

"Gail with Rossetti Realty was able to assist us in purchasing our home. We had previously submitted offers for other homes but we were never able to purchase. She had a strategy for us to present the offer and it worked! We live in Asia and she was able to coordinate everything. Thanks so much!"

Alice Pang | Palo Alto, CA


"Gail with Rossetti Realty knows how to get your offer accepted. When we decided to submit the offer, it was the price that we needed professional advice on. Gail researched the pending sales in the area and gave us a ball park figure. She also told us to write a great letter about ourselves and why we want to purchase the home. There were 9 offers and we were very close to being the best. The personal letter we created for the seller, made such an impact, that they accepted our offer. We have smiles everyday because we have this lovely home!"

Keith and Lindsey Fox | Menlo Park, CA 

“We heard stories about purchasing in this market and that it may take over a year. We worked with Gail only a few weeks and found the perfect home. She said to write a great letter about why we want the home and add pictures of our Family. There were 4 offers but we were selected not only because of the great package Gail presented but also because of the letter and the pictures. It was the only offer we submitted. We are so excited.”

Amit Chaturvedy and Roshni Gurung | Menlo Park, CA

“We wanted to live on this street and when a home went for sale, Gail immediately took action. We saw the home at 9:30 am. We wrote the offer at 12:30 pm and it was accepted at 4:30 pm. We are very happy!”

Mazen and Kristine Tawasha | San Mateo, CA


“This is the second home that I have purchased through Gail and Rossetti Realty Group. As usual Gail negotiated $20000 off of the Asking Price of the home. In this market, that is almost unheard of. The excellent customer service, one on one attention and strong negotiating skills are the reasons I chose Gail and Rossetti Realty Group. Gail’s years of experience make her strongly efficient. She always has a personal touch to her work. I will be glad to refer her to all of my family and friends for their Real Estate needs.”

Shamima Hasan | Mountain View, CA

“I have been thinking of purchasing in Palo Alto for several years. I met Gail with Rossetti Realty Group at that time. I live in Florida so it is not always convenient for me to come to view homes. When I saw a condo from her listing alert on line, I know it was the one. There were several offers but I was able to purchase it through Gail's knowledge of the market and my intuitiveness. I purchased the condo without viewing it. I trusted Gail's professionalism. I will be happy to refer her to anyone I know who is thinking of buying or selling.”

Maria Chion | Palo Alto, CA


“Gail and her team were amazing. She helped us get a house within 3 weeks of being our agent. She and her team moved quickly to help us get the house we wanted. She went above and beyond our expectations.”

Brian Woodworth and Elysia Alvarez | Redwood City, CA

“House hunting in the Bay Area is competitive but working with Gail and Alisha helped keep my fiance and I positive. They have genuine interest in finding you the perfect home. They worked around the clock with us and I have gladly shared their contact information with friends who are in the beginning stages of house hunting. Everyone needs a realtor who speaks the truth and wants to see you happy so I highly recommend working with them.”

Matt Townsend and Lauren Vetras | Redwood City, CA


“I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty Group to assist me in purchasing a home for my family because I found Gail to be trustworthy and an expert in todays market. With Gails VIP Buyer service and working with her on price and terms I was able to beat out 9 other buyers and investors to purchasing this home.”

Michel Hondagneu | San Carlos, CA


“We wanted to make a move to the Peninsula and find a home that was just right for our family. We chose Gail and Rossetti Realty Team to help us with our search. With the VIP Buyers Program we were able to find a home we loved in record time.”

Ben and Alisha Lewis | San Mateo, CA


“We have been searching for a home for a long time. Because we were on Rossetti Realty’s VIP Buyer Emailing Service we were emailed instantly when this home went on the market. This was the perfect home for us. We were able to place an offer before any other buyers did. Gail negotiated a great deal for us. We look forward to raising our family in this home.”

Victor and Jill Buathier | Menlo Park, CA


“We absolutely love the home that we purchased through Gail Rossetti and Rossetti Realty Team. The excellent service strong negotiating skills and the communication throughout the process were beyond our expectations.”

William Nicolet and Joan DeBrine | Redwood City, CA


“We were looking for a good deal on an investment property. Gail and Rossetti Realty Team helped us find just what we were looking for in record time With the VIP Buyer Program we were able to make an offer and purchase this property before anyone else could. Gail and her team found us a great investment property for $50,000 less than asking price.”

Hasan Imam and Bing Doh | San Francisco, CA

“We are first time homebuyers and wanted Gail to represent us with purchasing our new home. She guided us and communicated with us about how to deal with multiple offer situations. With her knowledge and expertise we beat out another buyer to the home of our dreams. We have had an awesome experience.”

John Hor and Annie Lin | San Mateo, CA


“I have the home of my dreams thanks to Gail and Rossetti Realty Group’s VIP Buyer program. I was notified about this home the instant it went on the market and I was able to make an offer on the home before anyone else did. Thanks Gail!”

Sherif Botros | Redwood City, CA


"We chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because we thought of her as trustworthy. When she read the home inspection report, there was something she read about the foundation that was confusing. She called the home inspector to explain in detail. After speaking with the home inspector, she quickly ordered a foundation report from a reputable foundation inspector. Once we received the report, Gail called the inspector to have him explain in detail the issues about the foundation. She explained it to us thoroughly. When we submitted the offer, she fought hard for us and the seller accepted our offer. Thanks, Gail."

Victor Yuen and Stephanie Wong | San Mateo, CA



"Gail was referred to us by my loan agent. She said she takes it very seriously when she receives a referral. She also said she will hustle for me and do everything she could to get us a house in this multiple offer climate. And, she did just that! We did not go through writing a lot of offers before we were accepted. We paid 40,000 over asking and Gail just asked if we did that, would we have enough money if it didn't appraise. We said we think so. It appraised for more than what we offered. We are so happy with our home and Gail. I will refer her to people I know who are thinking of buying and selling."

Udaiyaraj Sivashanmugam and Madhura Durai | Pleasanton, CA

"I chose Gail with Rossetti Realty because she did an outstanding job selling my home. I trusted her and knew she would do an outstanding job making sure my offer on the home I just LOVED would be accepted. It took several days to get the terms I wanted but it happened. I am now living in my dream home because she worked hard so I can have it. My family and I are really happy!"

Francy Zate | Hayward, CA

"I met Gail at a listing she had in Burlingame. We did not put in an offer for that property. However, I really liked Gail's professionalism, follow through and her personality. When we put in the offer for the home we loved, Gail was able to assist me in doing the necessary things to provide the best offer for the sellers. She knew what to do and we worked together very well to get the home. I will buy all my properties from her and I will refer my friends and family to her as well."

Jeff Liu | Burlingame, CA

"We were speaking with Gail with Rossetti Realty for over several years about purchasing in Palo Alto. One day Gail called and she said she had an off market property in Palo Alto. We went to see the property and it was perfect for our family and our goals. Gail negotiated the terms so that we were happy with the transaction. She has always been in our corner working for us all the way! We trust her and we will refer our Family and Friends. Thanks." 

Palo Alto, CA