Rebecca Beardslee 

Rebecca was born in the Central Valley of California and moved to Silicon Valley nearly 40 years ago when she was very young. She was raised in the South Bay Area where she gained valuable experience and knowledge in Real estate from her parents as they managed several multi-unit complex’s of more than 60 units each. Everything from turning over a place for new tenants, contracts, rent collections, booking, general maintenance and repairs, scheduling to hands on experiences where Rebecca has had the pleasure of assisting her parents with all aspects of property management business. Rebecca has supported several CEOs in the previous decade in a variety of ways as a Office Manager, An Executive Assistant (learning the ropes, book keeping, marketing, customer relations and the back bone of how businesses are run), supported start-ups and Independent General Contractors in addition to being a Freelance Contracting doing a variety of Manuel Labor, Construction, Surveying and Landscaping.

Throughout Rebecca’s life she has always had an avid curiosity of how things work and a fascination with why people do what they do. This curiosity comes from a strong desire to help people, to fix things and generally help make life better for everyone. Her inquisitive and kind hearted nature has strengthened her interpersonal relationship skills and inspired her to do a Double Major, get 2 Associates Degrees (Graduated with Honors), one in Communications and the other in Social and Behavioral Sciences. In 2012, after Rebecca returned to finish her education after being in the work force for more than a decade, she received the Academic Leadership award because of her over above and beyond performance and achievements within the Environmental Community Services Programs at her Community College.

Rebecca has always had a great love for sustainability, helping people get what they need or want and a fan of environmentally conscious practices. This passion led Rebecca to be come the top Sales Agent of 3 different Independent Solar and Green Energy Technology Company's starting 2016, thus producing an increase of revenue for each of the companies to more than 3/4 of a million dollars annually. Though she received the well earned title of Closer, Rebecca’s approach is a down to earth, warm, friendly, authentic and genuine service first attitude that creates a welcoming atmosphere for most all she interacts with. 

Now, Rebecca is joining the Rossetti Team to expand her knowledge and bring her skills, experience, her love for helping people and her passion for a clean sustainable environment with her to the Rossetti Realty Group. As a Concierge Prospector, Rebecca will act as a liaison and help facilitate guidance for people who have Real Estate goals or needs. Rebecca intends to help establish as many healthy relationships as possible that will foster growth for the Rossetti Team and stability for Rossetti’s existing and new clients. Rebecca plans to get her Real Estate License and will join the ranks of Agent within a year while helping Rossetti Realty Group expand and stabilize the team! Rebecca is looking forward to being a part of the Rossetti Realty Group while continuing to support the people of Silicon Valley and beyond!