Sydney La Day

Sydney La Day is immensely knowledgeable on the desirability of the Mid Peninsula and it’s unmatched convenience, opportunity and diversity. She is committed to assuring she makes an   organic connection with her clients to ensure their needs are met, and that the end result is a   successful transaction.

Well connected within the communities of the Bay Area, Sydney is familiar with areas from San   Francisco, where she was born, to Redwood Shores, where she grew up. She decided to join the   growing Real Estate market after working in property management in the San Mateo and Foster   City areas, and has built a solid foundation for her success in Silicon Valleys prime Real Estate   industry. In her free time, Sydney enjoys spending time with her children, enjoying nature and   creating many arts such as painting, crochet and dance.

Here at Rossetti Realty, Sydney utilizes the latest technologies, marketing and business strategies   to exceed your expectations. Furthermore, with the guidance of skilled entrepreneurs working by   her side, she will be able to implement the most efficient system for new and transitioning clients. 

Sydney La Day would characterize herself as an individual that will always go above and beyond, because she understands that your search for a home is not about the rooms or paint color, but is about living out your life's dreams. Contact her today at: or 650.346.7787